A Perfect Opportunity for a Profitable Investment.

605 Sq. Yds @ 5.5Lakhs
Offer Valid Till 12th Nov 2022

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    A Perfect Opportunity for a Profitable Investment.

    Neemsboro brings to you an exciting investment opportunity near NARAYANKHED. SANGAREDDY

    Investment in land is a long-term plan. It is considered the best investment option. Since the world’s most popular & costliest wood is sandalwood, we choose sandalwood as our plantation project along with Sandalwood, Malabar trees, Mahogany and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

    Sandalwood or Chandanam is also known as ‘Wooden Gold’. It has a huge demand worldwide and India is blessed with the ideal climatic conditions for growing it. The Indian variety has the highest quality of oil which increases its demand in the worldwide market.

    Malabar Neem belongs to the neem family. It can be cultivated in all types of soil and requires a low water supply. It has a unique feature of growing to 40 feet within 2 yrs of planting. A tree with 1.2 mts. girth is saleable at Rs.10,000 / tonne.

    Mahogany is the species from which the original mahogany wood was produced. It is grown as plantation tree and sold in timber markets in all over India. An exceptionally durable hardwood, it is the ideal choice for furniture and fittings around the home.

    Project Highlights

    Free Membership SAREGAMA CLUBHOUSE

    The 2-acre SAREGAMA Clubhouse is a unique destination spread in sprawling greenery and natural formations that portray a warm invitation to our members and landowners across the world to do well in the ambience of luxury, warm hospitality and richness of integrated services offered. Spend exciting weekends with your family and friends.

    saregampa clubhouse


    1. Price includes registration charges
    2. 12 years maintenance by company
    3. 30′ road facing plots Rs. 25,000/- extra for 5 Guntas
    4. Corner plots Rs. 25,000/- extra for 5 Guntas
    5. North-East corner plots Rs. 50,000/- extra for 5 Guntas

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    Why to invest in NEEMSBORO FARMS?

    Proud landowner
    Registered land
    Share in the crop yield
    Safest investment in the current market
    Assured appreciation on land cost
    High returns assured
    Ideal investment for wealthy & healthy future